Life in Alicante, Spain in November just great!!!

November and we still enjoy the sunny day πŸ˜‡πŸ’₯!! 

after morning studio work, time to hang out with friendsπŸ’•πŸ’– !

Cheersssss  everyone!!

Let it be!!

Beautiful evening down at he port in Alicante!!



Hello again!!

After 4 months relocated our home from London to Spain(spend time
 just enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle)and 
travelled to Hong King to visit my family,
I am very excited to back to work on my children's 
book - The amazing adventures of Summer and Little Curly!

I will keep you update about the progress of my book here.

First I would like to introduce Little Curly, who is one of 
the main characters in the book as well as my own 
brand - Little Curly.

Here you go, Little Curly everyone!

Hi, I’m Little Curly..... I was born with naturally curly hair and bug round eyes, I’m a shy eccentric girl, who’s full of WONDERFUL imagination - I talk to animals.......😜

You can learn more about me and meet my friends by visit our home @ www.litlecurly.com